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Tax Rebates

Tax rebates make it so anytime's a great time to buy a new water heater.

Federal Tax Returns: Receive up to $1,500 tax rebate on qualifying water waters.
  • Qualifying gas, oil, and propane water heaters must have a Energy Factor >= 0.82
  • Qualifying electric heat pump water heaters must have same criteria as
    ENERGY STAR® : >=2.0
Local Rebates (SDG&E)
SDG&E® offers rebates on qualifying ENERGY STAR® natural gas and electric storage water heaters. When buying a new water heater, choose an energy-efficient model. Energy Factor (EF) ratings are given to show water heater's energy efficiency. An EF is a metric unit that rates the energy performance.
  • $30 rebate on gas storage water heaters (30-gallon min. and must have an EF rating
    of .62 or higher)
  • $30 rebate on electric storage water heaters (30 gallon min. and must have an EF rating
    of .93 or higher)
After heating and cooling, water heating us typically the second biggest energy expense in your home. Gas water heaters can account for as much as 16% of the average utility bill, and electric water heaters can account for as much as 33%. Gas water heaters more than ten years old normally won't have an efficiency level of higher that 50%, which means tons of energy is going to waste.

Replacing an old water heater with a new energy efficient one will result in a lower monthly cost. A 40 gallon gas condensing Energy Star®-rated water heater with a .62 EF can save about 25% on water heating costs.

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